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a few words about us

Solenix is a project that solves the global problem of alternative energy redistribution. We take away the surplus of electricity where the network is overloaded and redirect it to the zones of its lack.

We also invest in the development of new generations of solar, wind and water power plants, as well as in promising startups offering new technological solutions for the generation, accumulation and maintaining of alternative energy


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Unlimited tariff

No timeframes and time limits! Enjoy smart earnings as long as you need. It’s just you who decides it

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We offer to invest using the most popular fiat and crypto-currencies available in the market, that have stable or growing price

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Your funds are safer than in your personal wallet! Enjoy 2FA, secret PIN, cold storages and much more protection!


We open our doors to private investors who are aware of the prospects of the global integration of alternative energy in the next 10 years, and prefer to be among the first to receive significant profits from the development of this industry.

Today, everyone can successfully join and invest in the development of the global alternative energy infrastructure with our company.

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Today's Stats

Gw Received


Total volume of the energy produced by all the farms conntected to our eco-system

Gw Redistributed


Total volume of the alternative energy redistributed by our system during the latest 24 hours

Gw Stored


Every day we’re storing a part of the energy received with the purpose to trade it in future

Gw Sold


The amount of Gw that have made the surplus for today, so it has been immediately sold out

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